Notes Hoelck


Ask What is my process that leads to the results I am having?

Fact I am not my feeling’s, emotions because they are finite. My source is infinite.

One or I should never say, “I’m sad” because we are not an emotion. Don’t identify with the activity. I am not a label

Don’t think in labels, if you make a label you live a label, and you then make it true for yourself

Give up past and future

My smoking is body, emotion etc, yet it is not me

The witness is never in turmoil. The witness hovers above the body it is the source

Let go of anything and everything that is not you

Then what you have left is YOU

Transcend the mental plane

You have dominion over it as a witness; you will see what you are not

Free the nessesity of action, that doesn’t mean your not in action

My Source will guide the action when your in tune with it. This is the greatest action, with no false steps.

How do I start my thinking?