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In this edition of LightSource, Patrick Hoelck talks about his lighting style and approach to photography. Listen to the podcast! Link below.


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LightSource Episode 34 (Interview Series) [38:41 minutes]
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Special Guest Patrick Hoelck discusses:

His distinct lighting style

Choosing the right number of lights for a shot

Controlling light with flags

His favorite lighting equipment

Why it’s not about the gear

Important influences on his photography

Backlighting the subject

Lighting for men versus women

Advice for emerging artists


Hoelck Interviewed for Bak Dergisi

Check out Patrick Hoelck anecdotes in this Q + A. It’s featured both online and in print (issue 07).

While the famous graphic artist and painter Andy Warhol says “My idea of a good picture is one that is in focus and of a famous person”, Marcel Duchamp says “Unless a picture shocks, it is nothing.” And Patrick Hoelck is taking shocking photographs of famous people in a very stylish way. What kind of photography do yo enjoy most? Fashion, ads, celebrities or another?

As cliché as it sounds, I enjoy it all. I don’t feel stronger about any one or the other. Experience, team, and people are my desires.

Patrick Hoelck Featured In Bak

You worked with lots of celebrities from Paris Hilton to Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Cruise to Clint Eastwood. Here comes a traditional question, which you might have answered too many times before. Which celebrity photoshoot impressed you most?

They all have been impressive. The personalities of each person are always different. I always say Dolly Parton. I found her very humble and loving in a pure and simple way. But, as you said above, it’s a tough question.

Like some important photographers, the very famous Turkish photographer Ara Guler thinks that photography is not art and it just gives the message. This is an interesting subject to discuss but finding an exact answer does not seem possible. What qualities should a photograph have to be mentioned as a piece of art?

If it breathes with soul and has a heart beat. If you look one extra second and remember it. If you don’t say, “Oh, that was the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s etc…” I feel that many images aren’t art and are just a fleeting moment. I see how many photographers are strong in their moment, and then quickly fade to be forgotten just a few short years later. I guess that the work and the public decide who and what carries on forever. It’s kinda sad that we’ll all be gone when this question is truly answered.

There is a quote whose author is unknown; “If you’re photographing in color, you show the color of people’s clothes. If you use black and white, you will show the color of their soul.” Do you believe in the magic of B&W?

I feel that all is magic and moment. And that these statements are heavily of this kind. Yet, the moment is truly universal. People that approach it with, “You should and it is and blah blah blah,” reminds me of suppression in school. There aren’t any rules in photography. There is only action and moment.

You are not just using the light, you are playing with it. And your colors are, with one word, fascinating. These elements are coming together and creating the unique style of Patrick Hoelck. As a very talented and well known photographer, what’s your greatest aim in life?

My greatest aim is to send love over statements in order to help others to know that they are all at this moment, and that there is nothing greater than eternal bliss. There is nothing outside of yourself….nothing underlying can bring you what you don’t already have.

One of your followers on the net says that he adores your lighting and adds; “Patrick Hoelck takes photographs as if they were movie stills.” We know that you have also very impressive music videos. Have you ever thought about being a part of the movie industry and making a feature film?

Yes, a film has been on my list since I was 13 years old. I have a few scripts written, and I will direct them. I just don’t presently have the time to commit to a feature film. But, yes, cinema was always my crutch in unhappy times. I was a romantic lost child, and I used to hide in movies or imitate them to get through those hard moments.

Imagine that there is a country named “Patrick Hoelck”. What would it look like? What kind of flag, anthem or language would it have?

Is this a trick question? It reminds me of an interview I saw where Barbara Walters asked Catherine Hepburn if she were a tree, what kind of tree would she be?

The theme of our current issue is “Dream”. What does this word mean to you?

Everything. All I did to get through childhood was dream. Now, with a lot of action and very little talk, I’m living in what were just my dreams.
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